Anjunadeep 12 Mixed By James Grant & Jody Wisternoff

Today, Anjunadeep celebrates its 12th installment, mixed by James Grant & Jody Wisternoff. This also makes it their eighth mixed compilation together! This three-disc album is a collection of master curators, according to Mixmag.

Firstly, these CDs hold some of the best tracks from 2020 and set the tone for what’s coming in 2021. Secondly, they consist of a whopping 50 tracks, new and exclusive across three carefully curated mixes. Listen to original electronic cuts, remixes, and edits from industry stalwarts like Lane 8, Yotto, Tinlicker, Ben Böhmer, and more. You’ll find Just Her, Joseph Ray, Lakou Mizik, Leaving Laurel, Durante, and HANA. Welcome new faces like Promnite, Franky Wah, Richie Blacker, Duke Boara, and more.

Explore all things deep, chill, ambient, and melodic. There is no other auditory journey like this one. It’s long and progressive, but worth the chills down your spine. Close your eyes and relax, as the past year has been quite trifling. Anjunadeep 12’s music videos show snapshots of nature as it rolls by, even to the mix. It’s ambient bliss for those that need it. Let it heal all souls and spread appreciation and awareness. The mix is already being well received by Anjuna accolades.

“This past year has presented many new challenges for our artists, whether coping without gigs, trying to stay inspired musically, or just keeping safe. It would be understandable if 2020 wasn’t a very productive year, but I’m pleased to say that the opposite is true. Anjunadeep 12 is our most expansive compilation to date – spanning three mixes for the very first time. It’s a testament to our remarkable roster of artists that they’ve navigated a difficult year with such resolve and creativity, and also to our wonderful community of fans – you have continued to support one another through a shared passion for music. We hope Deep 12 can offer you a little escape, and can’t wait to enjoy some of this music together in person with you in the not too distant future.” – James Grant

Master Curators At Work

James and Jody put their own slew of remixes into the mix like A Silver Mt. Zion’s ‘13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed’. As the label continues to grow and introduce new music to us, we couldn’t be more excited. Anjunadeep started over a decade ago and has proven to be a breeding ground for iconic tracks. When you want something to zen out to, this is it. Now, with over 500 releases under its belt, Anjuna’s international community also rises. Their reputation for unmissable parties around the world will live on forever. Take a look at their expansive tracklist below and happy streaming!


Disc 1
  1. Hosini – Froozen
  2. PBSR – Niebla
  3. Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray – Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen)
  4. Lycoriscoris – Yume
  5. CRi feat. Bernache – From Me
  6. Promnite – Can’t Believe
  7. Tom Day & Monsoonsiren – From Afar (Makebo Remix)
  8. Hosini – Balloons
  9. A Silver Mt. Zion – 13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed (JW & JG Remix)
  10. Jerro feat. Beacon – Go Back Now
  11. boerd – Sanctuary (Jody Wisternoff w& James Grant Remix)
  12. Nordfold – Letter To Lillehammer
  13. Nōpi – Gray Cloud
  14. M.O.S. – Orchidea
  15. Fluida – Welcome Home
  16. Leaving Laurel – Winter In The Woods
  17. Solomon Grey – Kilkee (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix)
  18. Dosem – Magma
Disc 2
  1. Hiatus – Arrival (Intro Edit)
  2. The Sei – Metroma (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix)
  3. Marsh – Wasn’t Enough
  4. Enamour feat. Meliha – Say Hello
  5. Nox Vahn – Technobloom
  6. Powel – Wege Zur Unmöglichkeit (Interlude Edit)
  7. Braxton – Indigo
  8. Durante & HANA – Away Home
  9. Ezequiel Arias – Solar
  10. Cristoph – SFB
  11. Duke Boara – Rain (Anjunadeep 12 Edit)
  12. Franky Wah – Boundaries
  13. My Friend – Lager Beers
  14. Tinlicker – Light Beam
  15. Tinlicker & Ben Böhmer  – Voodoo
  16. Karmarin – Selene
  17. Boxer, Jody Wisternoff & James Grant – Sun Kissed
  18. Lane 8 – Is This Our Earth?
  19. Oliver Wickham – Indigo
  20. Monkey Safari – Gravity (Monkey Safari’s At Work Mix) 
Disc 3
  1. boerd – Flower
  2. Alex Albrecht pres. Melquíades – The Summit (Anjunadeep Edit)
  3. Lycoriscoris – Utsurou
  4. Budakid feat. Esther Veen – Surga
  5. Tagavaka – Extrapolate
  6. Luigi Sambuy & Arswain – Partitioning II
  7. Nōpi – Aqiral
  8. Rezident & Biishop – One Good Reason
  9. Tagavaka – State Lines
  10. Hessian – Oracle
  11. Just Her – Beautiful Nothing
  12. Richie Blacker – 2 Late 4 Love
  13. Luttrell – Snoop Dawk
  14. Yotto – She Was
  15. Simon Doty – Belikewater
  16. Xinobi feat. Vaarwell – Steady
  17. Warung – Sinuous
  18. Jon Gurd – The Dream (Instrumental)