Line of Seniors Awaiting Vaccine Mistaken for Illegal Rave

In previous years, if you stumbled upon a peculiar line-up of people, one might assume it was a line for an illegal rave. However, this is not the world we live in – at least, not in England. Police were called to a venue when some overly cautious neighborhood worriers mistook a bunch of seniors for a group of mischievous brats disobeying COVID rules and attending an illegal rave. Rather than delinquents, police arrived on scene to find an elderly group of 80 to 90 year-olds queuing up to get their COVID vaccines.

Maybe the elbow throwin’ was caused by line cutters rather than moshing. Or perhaps they were bumpin’ The Inkspots a tad loud because the cold was interfering with the hearing aids. Whatever the reason police were called, they quickly realized their presence was not necessary and left the retirees to bumble about in peace.

Its important to note, three people got arrested for throwing an illegal rave on New Years Eve. Some upstanding citizens trashed a church that was said to be close to where this happened, so from that perspective, the neighborhood concern is not entirely unwarranted.

H/T NY Post