Lane 8 – Oh, Miles feat. Julia Church

Daniel ‘Lane 8’ Goldstein takes us back to the melancholy memories of our past with his latest single, ‘Oh, Miles‘ featuring Julia Church which is out via his own imprint, This Never Happened. It’s a song about missing a person we used to be close with, but it’s not all bad. Despite the lyrical interpretations, the song feels optimistic in a matter-of-fact sort of way and holds a playful essence sonically. Almost like, at the end of the day, the world madly moves on forward.

Julia Church has a lovely voice that fits perfectly with the blossoming sound design and chord progression. With an industry that seems continuously focused on more and more complicated sounds, it’s a fresh sight to hear music still touching the hearts of so many people with focused elements. While so many others are yelling, Lane 8 whispers, but his voice is louder than ever.

Listen to Lane 8’s ‘Oh, Miles’ featuring Julia Church via This Never Happened below.