Deadmau5 Drive-In Concert Angers Local Residents

Drive-in concerts are one of the closest things we can get to a full concert experience amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In other words, they’re almost a godsend to some. But according to some local residents around Hutto’s Brushy Creek Amphitheater, they’re highly disruptive. On January 8, deadmau5 appeared to have bothered the locals with his concert’s heavy bass, among other sounds.

As reported by local station KVUE, residents around the concert area took to social media to voice their complaints. In a Reddit thread, a user complained that he/she could hear the bass from 10 miles away.

What the fuck Hutto? Can hear Deadmau5 10 miles away from r/Austin

Meanwhile, the local police station received many noise complaints that night, as the volume was allegedly loud enough to “[rattle] windows in nearby homes”. As if the bass wasn’t bad enough, some local residents also complained about deadmau5′ use of profanity. One who lived within a mile of the Brushy Creek Amphitheater recalled, “He was dropping F-bombs all over the place and we can hear this in the living room of our brick house with the doors and windows closed.”

deadmau5′ Responds

Since then, deadmau5 had responded to the situation with an apology decorated with a touch of humour. Through an Instagram post, he writes “Man, I’m sorry Hutto! I can sympathize… loud stuff near my house would bug TF out of me too… hopefully the engineers figure out a better solution for you. Let’s chalk this one up as a … stress test?”

And finally, in responding to claims about the F-bombs, he adds “”It was the stupid fucking opener dj guy who got on the mic after he was done going “FUCK 2020!” Like a goon before I even got up there… damn.”