Super Bowl 2021’s Halftime Show May Happen In A ‘Bubble’

2020 is coming to an end, but COVID-19 is not. With that, the fate of 2021 events is up in the air. This includes the Super Bowl, America’s real favorite pastime. The NBA season only survived due to their ‘bubble‘ that consisted of regular COVID testing and strict regulations. The NFL may take a page out of the NBA’s playbook as they plan for the upcoming season amidst the pandemic.

The NFL is deciding whether to move the 2021 Halftime Show into a ‘bubble’ environment that’s separate from the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, where the game takes place. This is out of consideration for the football players, coaches, and fans. The Super Bowl Half Time Show features a big group of musicians, dancers, and other stage performers. It also features an even bigger support crew who manage lighting, filming, broadcasting, and etc.

It’s unclear whether the Halftime Show would be elsewhere as well as where the potential location may be. An alternative solution may be a scaled-down version of the show.

The preseason has been greatly impacted by COVID. The Denver Broncos lost three quarterbacks due to positive COVID results, and the Ravens have been forced to put 17 starts on its ‘Reserve/COVID-19’ list while activating 10 practice squad players. Therefore, it’s essential that the Super Bowl and Halftime Show be as safe as possible to avoid the risk of spreading COVID.