Scientists Discover MDMA Could Help Relationship Trauma

Recently, a study involving MDMA tested the improvement of empathy and connection between two people in their relationship. This new study finds that the drug could be useful in helping couples solve their marital problems.

The class A substance trial was held in Canada over a seven-week period. Below are the parameters of the study.

  • Couples were given the drug twice during cognitive-behavioral conjoint therapy (CBCT)
  • Both members consumed 75mg or 100mg, with an optional extra dose
  • One partner has PTSD

Professor Candice Monson from Ryerson University stated that “literature that inspired this study suggests that ecstasy may allow people to talk about painful experiences without experiencing the pain again”. How many times have we confessed some things or talked way too much during an event? That’s one point for you, Professor.

As the trial continues, therapists guided couples to talk about difficult things they’ve experienced themselves or together. This MDMA-assisted psychotherapy aims to engender empathy and connection, to open a pathway of remembering why the couple came together. The idea is to not only remember the desire to understand each other. But it means a greater sense of openness to address, reflect upon, and resolve repressed emotional issues.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Ben Sessa is a consultant psychiatrist at Imperial College London. He states that ecstasy switches the part of the brain that producers fear, and allows you to address difficult memories. Psychological issues that you would normally repress or avoid will become easier to talk about.

“It has this tremendous ability to create a strong sense of empathy and in the context of couples, this ability to have empathy and to see the other person’s point of view is extremely valuable.”

Dr. Ben Sessa

We’ve all lived the short-term happiness it heightens for us. Countless of us have increased feelings of love and affection towards each other. That’s how PLUR started, right? Even though possession of the drug is illegal and means jail time, its use could prove beneficial in a clinical context. No, we’re not pushing for it to be decriminalized like marijuana. This is simply to inform about the inter-personal effects of these powerful drugs.

While an uncontrolled study, it has been published in the European Journal of Psychotraumatology. As a result, researchers want to confirm the accuracy of their promising results with more controlled studies. This, by no means, is meant for anyone to use as a treatment for themselves.

One Final Note

MDMA-enhanced couple’s therapy could make a big difference for couples in unfulfilling relationships. But maybe as a last resort. Taking harsh substances like these could have adverse side effects that vary from person to person. Please, exercise caution always. Being in a relationship is a choice that both partners put 100% each into. Don’t make drug use an excuse to avoid communication.