Richie Hawtin Presents PLASTIKMAN R E W I N D Film

Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman, just announced a lost film on his side project. Debuting for one night only via Beatport, mark your calendars for PLASTIKMAN R E W I N D. The screening is set for December 4th at 12 AM EST / 12 AM CET. You can also view the screening on Beatport’s Twitch channel.

The announcement came via Facebook here. In the trailer, you may be taken back back back to the early years of his production. When it all began, it was 1999. A heartbeat pounds behind the matrix scrolling. David Terranova is directing the film, and he offers an evocative cryptic quote from Hawtin.

“Imagine waking up from an acid trip and trying to put all the pieces back together… ten years later.” – Richie Hawtin

How much has happened? What has happened? How has this impacted you? We’re going to get an exclusive look back in time. In 2014, Richie released his first Plastikman album, EX. Following this, he released his first EP since 1999 titled Time Warps. Lockdown gave him plenty of time to channel his production efforts into a solo techno compilation. The vinyl actually comes out on Friday as well. Aptly named, it plays well into his latest project here.

He’s very big on environmental impact, so his vinyls come from 100% recycled material. Produced by Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant in the Netherlands, this showcases his commitment and unique showmanship, true to his brand.

So, Who’s Excited?

Hawtin has contributed to the techno world in undeniable fashion. His importance on and off decks make him a reputable tastemaker and legend. With Plus 8, Minus, international tours, various awards, and standout performances, Richie always stands out. His obsession with detail, passion for technology, and out-of-the-box thinking continue to make him a pioneer of the industry. Bringing techno out of a minority and into a majority, let him take you through the sounds of the underground.