Ookay & Cesqueaux – The Pit (Saint Punk Remix)

Garnering attention for his grunge house style, Saint Punk drops the tempo and speeds up the rhythm for his remix of Ookay and Cesqueaux’s dubstep snack, ‘The Pit‘. The remix follows other notable releases with STMPD RCRDS and Armada Music, just to name a few.

The remix opens with a short rhythmic intro before settling down to allow the original vocals to come to the forefront. The tension rises, the pace builds, and the drum fills add a unique element to the drop’s anticipation. Super punchy kicks and sound design reminiscent of early Knife Party records really get this going. The track closes similar to how it began, perfect for YouTubers to make 10-hour versions of it.

Saint Punk pumps out three unique drops – the third being a combination of components from the first and second. Stellar production quality and a new grunge house vibe make him a must-watch as we edge closer to 2021. For a promising up-and-comer pushing a fresh, unexplored style, this remix is a big step in the right direction.