Maceo Plex – Cinemax

Maceo Plex is giving us a new flavor of sound for the year. ‘Cinemax‘ is a funky, groovy, juicy, and slightly dark dance track. We see this track’s release on Ministry of Sound and Ellum Audio. Moreover, his repertoire continues to expand after his latest remix release.

Firstly, the techno superstar follows up his catchy ‘Nu World‘ single with a reinterpreted take of ‘PushinOn’. You know, the classic hit by The Quantic Soul Orchestra. Secondly, it takes notable Alice Russell’s vocal sample and slowly builds up to the chorus. With the classic UK dance rhythm of Oliver $ and Jimi Jule’s version of the song, you know it’s about to drop hard.

Once it does, it kicks things into motion with a nifty electric guitar riff. Above all, Maceo created this track with a theme in mind: endurance and unity. Given all that we’ve endured throughout this year, he hopes that we can move into next year as a united group.

His signature studio output, fusing melodic house and brooding techno are what make up his standout soundscape. Formulating his singular sound in the last few years, this is why we love his unique brand of techno. It’s always melodic, adventurous, and epic. In addition, these sounds make our world better. He plays with different periods of music and is a downright kind soul. Proceeds from ‘Nu World’ went to ACLU to fight voter suppression.

Here is the trippy visualizer accompanying the track. Filled with flashing lights and statue heads, this video feeds into your acidic soul. As the lyrics flash on the screen, enjoy the visual journey.

“We are leaving the past behind. It is time to unify, leave racism and division behind. The lyrics tell this story. The song itself is a deep drink, always building with a forward momentum” – Maceo Plex

Cinemax is not just a cable network, and this is why. Stream his latest single below!
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