Insomniac Announces Drive-Thru Rave Experience

Insomniac has announced a brand new rave experience that’s schedule to take place in January 2021. Pasquale Rotella had decided to put together an event that outshines any drive-in show. The event, Electric Mile is an in-person drive-thru audiovisual experience. It will be held in Southern California at the Santa Anita Park and is open to attendees of all ages.

There will be 7 unique insomniac worlds with over 500 art installations. In addition to that, 5,000,000 lights will extend over 180,000 linear feet for the event, accompanied by a synchronized musical experience curated by Rotella himself. The drive-thru experience is expected to be an hour.

Tickets for the Electric Mile will start at $69.99 per car, which can accommodate up to 8 people. More information will be coming and available soon.

I don’t know a better way to start your new year off than to attend a rave with your friends and family.

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