AirPods Max: Apple’s First Over-Ear Headphones

Apple finally released a pair of over-ear headphones with their newest model of AirPods Max. First of its kind for the tech mogul, it features incredible audio capabilities. They’re available starting December 15th, for anyone looking for Christmas presents. 

It comes equipped with incredible high-fidelity audio, Adaptive EQ, Active Noise Cancellation, and spatial audio. Could this be the next pair of head gear for DJs and artists? Perhaps, but we’ll have to see what feedback the people come back with. It looks like each part of their custom-built driver should produce sound with ultra-low distortion. So your deep bass, mids, and crisp highs will get even more clarity.  

They’re 40mm with memory foam earpads and powered by Apple’s H1 chip. Plus, it’s designed to fit all different heads whereas previous Pods were fitting for only select ears. With a sleek white color and pristine looking design, it promises the ultimate personal listening experience. From a theater-like sound to a uniquely, uncompromising fit, you’ll get an optimal acoustic seal. The canopy headband is new and made of breathable knit mesh. Those pressure headache days of long-term wear are over, as the pillow-soft cuffs embrace your head. Get excited for the additional four colors of blue, red, green, and black. 

Here’s The Details
  • The AirPods Max will cost you $550 which is a significant jump from its competitors. Bose 700 is priced at $339, while the Beats Studio 3 is priced at $349. 
  • It comes with built-in Siri capabilities
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Precision volume control through The Digital Crown, inspired by the Apple Watch
  • Transparency mode allows users to listen to music while simultaneously hearing the environment around them
  • Spatial audio uses dynamic head tracking to place sounds anywhere in a space
  • Optical and position sensors automatically detect when headphones are on the user’s head
  • Stylish, slim Smart Case that put the Pods in an ultra low-power state to preserve battery charge

Get yours today and check out more on Apple’s website here