ZHU Revives Blacklizt Alias For Fashion Show DJ Set

There’s nothing ZHU can’t do. The DJ’s project is on a whole different world when it comes to creating experiences and telling stories through his project as a whole. As if his main project wasn’t enough, ZHU has also expanded himself through other different paths. Through his Blacklizt alias, ZHU has granted us a gateway through which he enters a world filled with techno and house. And now, ZHU has taken Blacklizt to another level, as part of a fashion show.

Man kicked out of ZHU's BLACKLIZT party for wearing white


Blacklizt is filled with a lot of hypnotic sounds. The sets under the alias are always worth listening to, and the experience is said to be out of this world. However, entering this world has its requirements. Invite only events, text instructions, and dress codes are some of the requirements a Blacklizt concert enforces on its fans. During its set in Brooklyn, a man was kicked out for wearing a white hat. The dress code, of course, was all-black.

ZHU Presents: The ‘I Admit It Experience’

As we all know, along with his musical project, ZHU has also developed himself inside the world of fashion and clothing. And so, a fashion show featuring his own music seemed like the logical thing to do. Titled the ‘I Admit It Experience’ referencing his latest track, this video is a whole new journey. Including an afterparty, ZHU delivers nothing but the most perfectly curated vibes as he travels through his mind expressing a visual and listening experience like none other can do. This man has gone well into another galaxy. His talent has just fused into one project which aims to redefine the frontiers of dance music, fashion, and visual projects. It is truly impossible to know what ZHU will do next. Hopefully, we’ll be there to watch it. This is a new era inside dance music.

Stream ZHU’s Blacklizt Fashion show and set below!