Association Warns UK Nightclubs on The Verge of Extinction

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The Night Time Industries Association fears for the UK night industry affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has recently warned that the UK nightclubs are becoming extinct.

Although the UK government has recently released a recovery program for these venues, it does not cover the required operating costs. Many are not even eligible to apply for support.

Pre Covid there were over 1400 Nightclubs across the UK, but these numbers are reducing daily. Without a roadmap for reopening and with growing financial pressures from dwindling cash reserves, commercial rent, and loan debt, many are being forced to close the doors and hand the keys back.”

Night Times Industries Association (NTIA)
UK Nightclubs Becoming Extinct

The association mentions that venue owners acquire debts increasingly impossible to pay off to maintain operating costs. In addition, many members of the staff have lost their jobs.

Another item to add to this issue is the cultural aspect of these places. UK Nightclubs are undoubtedly the leaders of the electronic music industry. They have been the launching pad for many DJs who have been key players in the history of the scene. It’s not just small clubs on the verge of closure. Big companies such as Deltic Group and Revolutions group are struggling with the problems arising from the crisis.

The end of 2020 sees the ‘extinction’ of nightclubs where they have been systematically extinguished from the Night-Time Economy by the UK Government. The failure of the UK Government to recognise the devastating impact of their actions on this sector is a tragedy for UK Culture

As a result, several club owners are deciding to take legal action over the insufficient government help. An example is Jeremy Joseph, who owns London’s G-A-Y Nightclub in Soho. He recently launched a legal challenge against the government 10pm curfew.

We saw the Miami curfew madness and issues in other countries with the night industry and government indifference.