Tinlicker Releases New Track ‘Tell Me’

Tinlicker is back with some brand new music that I can assure you’ll love. The Utrecht based duo released their new track today. And if I had to describe it in one word, I would choose “beautiful”. Titled ‘Tell Me’, Tinlicker’s new track featuring Helsloot is here to take your mind into a complete state of peace and relaxation.

Tinlicker Helsloot

You can find this image on Helsloo Spotify profile. And we just wanted to say: nah bro. We’re cool. Keep them coming. The trio has delivered some unique jewels during the year, and this one is no exception. Their latest collab, ‘Because You Move Me’ has reached over 23 million streams on Spotify alone. Pretty impressive feat for a track not inside the mainstream side of EDM. The Tinlicker/Helsloot combo guarantees a sound design so smooth it will immediately relax your mind and body while taking you on a journey which feels like submerging your body underwater and floating inside a bigger body. Certainly a mind-blowing experience.

Tell Me

With a series of vocals delivered by the amazing Hero Baldwin, ‘Tell Me’ Showtek’s latest track is seriously something else. The whole structure of a song is perfectly harmonic, and it’s guaranteed to take you into a whole different state. Tinlicker and Helsloot repeat the success garnered on their last collaboration, as they gift us with an amazing track which I guarantee will boost your weekend immediately. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we see this trio come together to amaze us with their amazing talent and beautiful fusions. The trio has absolutely nailed the new sound house music is using to take over the world, and are set on a path that shall take them into the highest heights of house music, both inside the underground side of the industry and into the mainstream side.

Stream Tinlicker & Helsloot – ‘Tell Me’ Featuring Hero Baldwin below!