Dillon Francis, Evie Irie – Be Somebody

Dillon Francis and Evie Irie have the song of the year with ‘Be Somebody‘. For a year full of challenges and tribulations, this song is an ode to all the haters in your life.

Firstly, the song carries a spunky beat and cheerful melody but slowly makes you feel empowered throughout the song. Secondly, Irie’s vocals add the soul of Dua Lipa and the chill of Lorde. Thirdly, airy and distorted guitar riffs plus soaring synths create the soundscape for the main theme of the track. If you’re feeling pensive, this song is perfect to play.

“Time to get gushy for a sec! ‘Be Somebody’ is an ode to all the people that told me I was just a class clown and wasn’t gonna make it. Growing up people always thought my dreams were a joke. It pushed me that much harder to prove them wrong. So this song is an ode to them! Shout out to the people that did believe in me, I wouldn’t be here without you either! Get at it!” – Dillon Francis

This is his story and Evie related to it completely. She lent her voice to the message and both artists want to share their side. To those that have been ostracized in their lives, this is your heart song. Belt it out whenever you feel down or blast it on the speakers.

Check out the stop motion lyric video below. Moreover, laugh, cry, or rage to it. Times have been tough, but you’ve survived 2020. Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thing.

The track is getting well-received online and even Netsky is reaching out for a drum and bass remix of the catchy track.

Now, we’re all about this. Let’s stay tuned and see what becomes of it. Until then, you can listen to the track below. Stay safe, strong, and swell friends!

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