CharlestheFirst Comes ‘Out of the Dark’ With First Single In Over A Year

There’s something to be said about producers who release music at a slower rate than others. Generally speaking, if you don’t hear from an artist for awhile it means they’re busy cooking, honing their craft. If there’s one guy who has that undeniable work ethic, it’s CharlestheFirst. On the constant come up, in a lane of his own – what can’t this man do?

He separated himself from the masses earlier this year when he put everything on display in an exhilarating, unique livestream. Due to the world being on fire and certain restrictions limiting our normal shenanigans, these streams have become one of the only outlets for fans and creators. Just like everything else CharlestheFirst does you could see/feel how much it meant to him and the work he put into it was apparent.

CharlestheFirst-Out of the Dark

What better day than the day of giving thanks for the homie to break his silence? After months and months of work CharlestheFirst has returned with an ambient tune titled ‘Out of the Dark‘. True to form he packs the song with feels but also doesn’t fail to get crunchy towards the end. Renee King laces the vocals on this one and I can’t myself think of a better counterpart. Turn this on to get you through a study session, if you’re just relaxing or to get the function going. Every track of his is a story and at the end you feel you’ve grown closer to the author. This one is available on all major streaming platforms for your ears to enjoy (iTunes/Spotify).

Fingers crossed that this is a sign of more to come, if you’re like me this whole no live music things has been getting pretty boring. Shoutout to the underground for keeping the lockdown at least partially entertaining. This new Charles came right on time, keep an ear out for what’s to come but for now turn this one up!