Tchami Announces Debut Album ‘Year Zero’ Release Date And Tracklist

Tchami’s debut album is coming. Year Zero, perhaps the most awaited house album of 2020, finally has a release date. And not only that – but a tracklist as well. On October 23, we’ll be blessed with one of the most awaited debut albums from only one of the biggest house figures inside the EDM industry.


A man. A legend. The priest who makes house music a spiritual journey and takes us into a whole new voyage through his music. Since pioneering the future house genre, Tchami has been on top of his game year after year. Joining forces with the Pardon My French crew, especially with Malaa, or even solo, Tchami has proven to be a force of nature inside the EDM game. Now, to do something he’s never done before, but always intended to: Tchami is releasing his brand new album.

This will be the second album Tchami has worked on this year. Maybe you’ve heard a couple of tracks from the first one. It’s titled Chromatica, by Lady Gaga. Yeah, that Lady Gaga. That’s just how good Tchami has proven to be, even during the tricky year of 2020. After almost a decade in the circuit, Tchami continues reinventing himself, reaching new heights, and taking the movement, his movement, through many different yet marvelous paths.

Year Zero

There you have it. 16 tracks. 11 collaborators. Tony Romera, Stacey Barthe, ZHU, and many more. Some have collaborated with Tchami before. Others grew up looking up to him. The cycle comes together as the DJ closes in on what might be the best album of the year as a whole.

As someone who discovered Tchami’s actual message and gospel during this quarantine, this album is the thing I’ve been waiting for all year long. I can’t wait to live this experience by the hand of one of my favorite DJs. Tchami’s biggest gospel is coming, and so begins Year Zero

Presave Tchami’s new album Year Zero, out on October 23, here!