Takis Teams Up With Veronica To Bring Us ‘From The Start’

Back on EDMTunes is none other than the Canadian DJ/ Record Producer known as Takis, this time, for his new tune titled ‘From The Start‘. It’s a collaboration with fellow Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Veronica. ‘From The Start‘ marks the second all-Canadian record from Takis’ upcoming ‘Welcome Home’ project.

From The Start

‘From The Start’ starts off rather quickly with its catchy bass-line and beautiful vocals. Soon after, the rest of the elements come in, and it’s off to the races. At 0:57 we get the first drop, and I can’t help but get Sam Feldt type of vibes from this track. Upon first listening, this is a pretty tune, that I wouldn’t mind playing over again. After a second more analytical listen, it’s plain to see that the track was much deeper than I initially thought.

When asked about ‘From The Start‘, Takis had the following to say:

“That first line – ‘we gotta learn how to love ourselves so we can love each other’ – is so powerful it sparked the entire record…”

Takis continues:

“We’ve all been there when we were young. We could find every single little fault in our exes but couldn’t fathom that maybe, just maybe, we were flawed and could have been the ones who ruined the relationship. If I am not fully comfortable in my own skin, if I still carry jealousy or insecurity, I can never be someone who can express the love needed to create a sustainable relationship.”

Deep. If you’ve ever faced relationship issues or just your inner demons, I’m sure you can relate to this song. I can, and I’m sure I’ll be listening to this one for quite some time. After giving it a listen, you might be doing the same.

With a run time of only 3:03, ‘From The Start’ is the perfect length to get you in your feels. If you’re into Takis, poppy dance music, relatable lyrics, or just good music, then this is for you. Takis‘ new tune ‘From The Start‘ featuring Veronica, is out now on Armada Music and can be streamed below. Enjoy!

Takis – From The Start (feat. Veronica) | STREAM