I must admit. I’ve never heard of Last Heroes. The Colorado-based duo was unknown to me. Now, all has changed. Today, the duo released their brand new EP. Titled Finding Lights, the EP was released through Ophelia Records.

Ophelia Records has been the house for some brand new amazing artists and releases this year. Now, I can add Last Heroes to the list. But, who are they?

According to their own definition:

“Last Heroes was formed in Colorado in 2016 with the hopes of creating a platform that would bring people together and remind everyone that they have a purpose in life. Big or small, visible or not, everyone has an impact that ripples. And that impact may help others overcome a dark time, providing a light when they need it most. The mission is soundtracked by emotional, melodic, and cinematic music — inspired by the likes of Seven Lions, Hans Zimmer, and more.”  

If you didn’t shed a tear after reading that, well, I don’t know what to tell you. The duo delivers a powerful message, and if they can do that through words, you can imagine what they’re able to do through music.

Finding Lights

Through 8 tracks, Last Heroes deliver a symphony of feelings. Dubstep, melodic bass, even progressive house enter the mix. There seems to be no boundaries for this duo as they deliver what sounds more like the next album in a veteran’s career, rather than a second EP for a new duo.

Personally, I found Atlas and Forevermore to be my favorite songs. Both of them are unique and their vocals take me straight into a festival, standing in between the crowd, arms wide open. Smile on my face. A priceless sensation.

I won’t stop listening to this EP for a while. Last Heroes have earned a new fan for life. With this EP, Ophelia might’ve earned the spot for ‘Top Label Of The Year’, in my book at least.

Make sure to listen to Last Heroes new EP – Finding Lights out now below!

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