Dillon Francis Delivers Electrifying Remix For ZHU’s New Track, ‘Follow’

Seeing Dillon Francis and ZHU on the same track is not the weirdest combination. However, it’s still an unexpected one. Francis uploaded his remix for one of ZHU’s latest track, ‘Follow,’ that Features Kito and Jeremih. one of the most enigmatic DJs gets an amazing house remix by one of the most versatile DJs out there.

Dillon Francis ZHU

Dillon Francis is always trying to surprise us. The DJ has spent years on top of the industry. Through Moombahton, dubstep, and countless tracks I wouldn’t be able to assign a genre to, he’s become a well-known name inside the industry.

On the other side, there’s ZHU. He’s certainly one of the most mysterious and sought out artists in the industry. His ability to create a completely immersive vibe and experience is like nobody else. Be it live or through a DJ set, he’ll take you down into the depths of his mind for a dark and soothing trip. After these descriptions, it’s hard to imagine both of them on the same track. Spoiler alert. It’s a hell of a track.

‘Follow’ (Dillon Francis Remix)

With the vocals from ‘Follow’ leading the way, Dillon delivers a 4 on the floor masterclass. Rhythm and a mellow sound help it become an instant dancefloor hypnotizer. Francis’ vibe is amazing. I can’t say I expected him to take this direction. However, it’s thrilling to hear. To remix ZHU while nailing it is no easy feat, but here we are.

Stream ‘Follow’ by ZHU and Kito Feat. JeremihFollow (Dillon Francis Remix) below!