deadmau5 Releases Official Playlist Ahead of ADE 2020

It’s no secret that music festivals & events have all but been cancelled this 2020, and honestly, it’s heartbreaking. Music conferences such as WMC and ADE have also been forced to shutter their doors. Despite the fact that we are already ten months into 2020, this hasn’t gotten easier. Luckily, our favorite artists & promoters have done their best to keep us busy, and happy. One such example of this: deadmau5, and the playlist he’s created to “set the mood” for ADE 2020.

Deadmau5 x Deezer ADE 2020 Playlist

From the screenshot we’ve shared below, you can see that the playlist is pretty stacked. It features 20 tracks, including numerous remixes and more originals. Mau5trap mainstays such as Jay Robinson, No Mana, and Bentley Dean are on Joel’s ADE playlist, as are newer artists, such as Speaker Honey, Eekkoo, & Sysdemes.

Of course, this playlist wouldn’t be complete without the mau5 himself. His collabs with both Shotty Horroh & Lights made the cut, as did his single ‘Polyphobia‘. While I would normally share the actual playlist, I can’t do that this time, as it is a Deezer exclusive. With that being said, you’ll have to follow the link below, in order to check it out for yourself.

While 2020 is almost over, there is no clue as to when the music industry will get back to normal. Hopefully it’s soon. Until then, enjoy your live streams, and be sure to check out this dope ADE 2020 playlist, by the one & only Deadmau5 – brought to you in partnership with Deezer.