Super8 & Tab – Cova

The Finnish duo Super8 & Tab is back with a hammering new trance track ‘Cova‘. The release came out via Armada Music.

In the face of all adversity and problems this year, Super8 & Tab continue to drive with their signature “Hybrid Trance”. On this occasion, they have created magic once again!

‘Cova’ is an energetic trance record filled with vibrant progressions. The single follows their last collaboration ‘Calm the Storm‘ with Roxanne Emery and the release of their album, These Little Stories. From the start, we receive a driving bassline followed by an ambiance of impacting synth stabs that will have us hooked.

Super8 & Tab - Cova

Cova‘ contains their signature bass and will rip sound systems to shreds. The track features with emotion-drenched tones and melodies that hook listeners only to never let go. This record is exactly what you can expect from the duo.

Miika Eloranta and Janne Mansnerus are no strangers when it comes to delivering quality music. Over the years the trance duo has shown a sound of unmatched quality. They have always been worth keeping an eye on. From 2005 with ‘Helsinki Scorchin’, to the present with many releases and epic presentations.

Listen to ‘Cova’ below and enjoy!