San Francisco Can Now Hold Outdoor Live Events

San Francisco can now hold outdoor live events after Mayor London Breed announced a new permit to allow for their return.

For the last several weeks, musicians and artists in the city have been asking the local government to allow outdoor social distancing events to provide a safe experience for entertainers and guests. Breed heard their concerns and implemented the new business permit.

The JAM (Just Add Music) permit will offer businesses a way to book DJs, hold live music (without singing or wind instruments), dance, theater, and more in Shared Spaces. These are locations that can usually provide outdoor dining areas, farmer’s markets, outdoor fitness classes, and drive-in theaters that follow social distancing guidelines.

San Francisco will now allow outdoor events with social distancing guidelines in place.

Businesses interested in hosting outdoor events can sign up for the permit for free. Restaurants will be able to book DJs in their patios or parklets. Certainly. this permit is San Francisco’s first step into bringing back live events

The music and entertainment scene in San Francisco has been suffering since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In place of live events, unofficial concerts and DJ sets have been taking place all over the city to make up for the industry’s downfall. However, musicians and performers are still being financially impacted. Fortunately, this permit will be able to help with this issue.