Martin Garrix Releases Second Single ‘Fire’ Under Ytram Alias

Ytram is back! If you aren’t familiar with this new name, well, maybe Martin Garrix will sound a bit more familiar to you. Today, the Dutch DJ and 2-time winner of the DJ Mag 100 DJs of the Year list dropped his second single under this new alias. Ytram’s newest track is titled ‘Fire’, and has been released through Garrix’s label, STMPD Records.


After the release of his first single on July 18, Ytram returned today with a banger even better than his first. This time, he pairs up with Elderbrook, famous for collaborating on Camelphat’s mega record ‘Cola’. Together, the duo brings forth a brand-new house music sub-sound and takes a step forward into a new chapter of Martin Garrix’s career with ‘Fire’.


This is one of the best house tracks I’ve heard this month – undoubtedly a house masterclass. From the hypnotizing vocals, to the short but effective riser, the magnificent chords, and that drop – my god. What a drop. In my personal opinion, this might me the best sound Garrix has given us in years. Not to demerit the rest of his music in any way, but this is on a whole new level. It’s a level that only the greats can reach: a level of epicness similar to the one that a Swedish House Mafia track would give you. Pure fire.

Ytram continues proving one thing. Martin Garrix is a heck of a producer. He can jump through genres and produces bangers whenever he feels like it. The truth is, he’s still not at his peak. As incredible as this might seem, I for one, believe there’s still much to be written on that story. The Martin Garrix story. And I will make sure to follow every step of the way.

Stream Ytram’s ‘Fire’ with Elderbrook below!