[Interview] Jerro Discusses ‘Closer’ EP Which is Out on This Never Happened

Once again, Jerro makes his way onto Lane 8‘s This Never Happened, this time through his new EP, Closer.

The artist became one of the staple names on the imprint, consistently delivering one masterful release after another. In addition, his sound palette and aesthetic perfectly match that of This Never Happened, making his tracks a consistent feature on Lane 8’s seasonal mixes. I had a few questions for Jerro regarding his newest release, and you can read them alongside his answers in the interview below.


1. Hi Jerro. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I really enjoyed listening to your ‘Closer EP’, and have taken an interest in how your sound has evolved throughout your releases on This Never Happened. How do you think your sound has progressed to reach this EP?

Throughout the course of last year, I really started to love working with vocals and I’m super excited to have my first full vocal release on TNH. For the rest of the EP, I tried to continue to build on the sound my previous TNH releases had. In my opinion, all three This Never Happened EP releases have a similar vibe while also standing strong by themselves and I’m super proud of that! 

2. Can you tell us about the making of the EP, especially one of the highlight tracks which is ‘Demons’ featuring Sophia Bel?

I started with ‘Demons’ in November last year. I was jamming with this arpeggiated lead sound and when I had the first notes down, I knew it was sounding super cool! That same day we got a request from Daniel and his team to work on a remix for his Brightest Lights album, which was the track ‘Road’ with Arctic Lake. I was so pumped with how the lead on ‘Demons’ was sounding, that I tried to do something in the same realm for the ‘Road’ remix. When the instrumental was finished for ‘Demons’, my managers and I decided it would be cool to have a vocal on it. A few months later I heard Sophia Bel’s take on it and I immediately loved her vocals, they’re so catchy! I send it over to Daniel and he immediately loved it too!!

3. In the second This Never Happened newsletter, you mentioned that you focused on having a more positive mindset which made you a happier person. How has that influenced your way, or ability to write music?

A positive mindset is definitely something I try to pursue every day. I always try to be thankful for the little things – for instance, that I was able to do music as a full-time job. A happy and positive mindset fuels my creativity and I try to implement a bit of that positivity into my music! 

4. Within your ‘Closer’ EP, if anything, is there something you intend to express or hope comes across to listeners?

I hope people are able to shut off everything around them for a moment while listening to my tracks. Music is such a great way for me to forget everything and be taken on a journey, and I hope that I can share that feeling in my tracks too! 

5. What are some of the influences you pull from when it comes to making music?

Just listening to music that I love. I absolutely love listening to other genres, apart from the music I make, to get me creatively going. Lately, I find myself listening to a lot to indie music, a lot more than I listen to house music actually. I think those influences are something you’re gonna start hearing more and more in my music. 

6. Can you give us any insight into what we might expect from you in the future? Is an album in the cards?

There’s a lot I would loveeeeee to share, but I can’t spoil the surprises! 😉

Closer EP

Jerro kicks off the EP with the track he used to tease it, which is ‘Demons‘ featuring Sophia Bel. In an instant, the artist’s distinct sound is steadfast, melding harmoniously with Sophia’s gentle vocal delivery. Strikingly, it stands out as one of his finest productions to date, showing his skillful growth over time. Furthermore, ‘Mouie‘ presents a cinematic combination of comforting and cheerful production, as playful vocal movements echo in the background. Up next is the title track which revolves around the subtle vocal atop a deeper sound, yet retaining the melodic and progressive aspects. Finally, ‘Ignis‘ and ‘Sturdy‘ keep the momentum of the EP flowing as they highlight the artist’s ability to deliver memorable melodies atop infectious and moving productions.

On a final note, I would like to thank Jerro for taking the time to answer my questions. You can listen to the artist’s Closer EP via Lane 8’s This Never Happened imprint below!