Florida Has ‘No Need To Be Fearful’ Of COVID-19

As we enter the last quarter of the year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis eased up COVID-19 restrictions in some parts of the state. Enter Phase 2: more businesses can resume operations under certain stipulations, of course.

Miami-Dade County restaurants have been allowed indoor operations again for the first time in two months. Masks still need to be worn and establishments must still operate at 50% capacity. Palm Beach County officials allowed tattoo and body piercing parlors to reopen, along with tanning salons. All indoor operations ceased in early July, so this relief starts Monday.

“This does not mean this is over by a long shot, while we’re heading in the right direction, we’re not out of the woods” – Mayor Carlos Gimenez

DeSantis also mentioned at a news conference that he’s looking into reopening bars and nightclubs. He states the three Southern counties Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward) can join in on this. With the entertainment still on lock, and probably the last to open, perhaps he’s going to test it out for us.

“Everything’s open except the nightclubs and the pubs, and that’s something we’re going to address. We’re going to work on our three southern Florida counties, getting them where we are. And that’s really the last piece of the puzzle.” – DeSantis

So, What Do You Think?

With infections and deaths declining, DeSantis seems confident of his Phase 2. Dr. Scott Atlas, President Trump’s new pandemic adviser, advises us to be cautiously optimistic. There is no need for fear at this point, he says. The economy is dependent upon our communities’ opening, so something needs to be done. Atlas urges that college football be open again as part of America’s economic engine.

Plus, the state’s largest school district resumed Monday, with online classes. Distance learning has proven difficult but troubleshooting has begun. With a total of 623,471 cases for the state, the pandemic is far from over, but they will get through it.

Yes, we must keep wearing masks, social distancing, and washing hands frequently. DeSantis extended evictions and mortgage foreclosures for the 5th time and will last until October 1st.