Doctor P Takes a New Direction on ‘OD’ With KOOLKID

Doctor P is back, and in this instance, with a non-dubstep track featuring KOOLKID titled ‘OD‘ via Circus Records.

Within, the artist takes a heavily melodic turn that’s laced with catchy hooks and heavy bass punches. While it takes a slight departure from the sound people are used to hearing from him, it’s a more than welcome entry into his catalog.

Kicking off, it features a thick, bottoming bass alongside the kick and washed out vocal swirls. KOOLKID presents great vocal delivery which melds eloquently with the surrounding production. At times when its the focus, the singing carries the catchy nature of the track, and becomes especially present in the chorus with the tuning and panning. In addition, the slinky melodic hook brings everything together to form an easily memorable track.

Overall, the instrumental aspect of ‘OD’ is stellar, combining infectious grooves with impeccable sound design. Moreover, seeing Doctor P taking this melodic direction with a newer sound is very pleasant. Nonetheless, much of the artist’s distinct sound is retained and utilized in an inspiring and creative manner.

Lastly, listen to Doctor P take a newer direction with his music by collaborating with KOOLKID on ‘OD’ via Circus Records below!