Cosmic Gate Holds Virtual Concert For Two Days Only

Legendary German trance duo, Cosmic Gate, is not letting 2020 stop them from playing music. Tune in to two very special live performances live from your living rooms on October 3rd and October 17th.

Recorded at Miami’s digital dream-factory, The Temple House, this famed venue is known for its killer 360-degree visual projection mapping. Ready for one of their craziest sets ever? We surely are and this is their comeback performance as well. It’s been six months since we’ve seen stuff from them so grab your friends, grab your family–because we’re going to have a good time.

While VR is not supported for this, we expect the visuals to be just as epic. Link up multiple screens, surround sound, or find a friend with a football game worthy plasma for this show. Make your weekend epic with this duo that you can’t miss at every event.

Early birds tickets have already sold out, but you can still try for some at this link here. Join the conversation on their official Facebook page here so that you don’t miss out on this virtual concert series.

We can only imagine how this venue would be in real life. But until then, we must hunker down and bless the powers that be. One day, we can return to this venue and make our current dreams come true. Now, both events have different details and we’re going to get into them.

October 3rd Is ‘For Your Mind’

This event will consist of new exclusive CG music, ready for your mind. Each track will be accompanied by mesmerizing graphics to take you on their journey. Watch out for ‘The Launch’ with Andrew Bayer plus their plethora of remixes and singles. That includes ‘Everything Everything’, ‘Universal Love’, and ‘Your Mind’.

October 17th Is The Classics

Now, this event is aptly named for guessers, with more details to be announced soon. We imagine that it will feature all the nostalgic tracks from the 2000s. Let the rhythm induce fond memories of the past. Pick one or the other, or both! Music is always the answer.

You can check out a preview of what’s to come with the video below.

So who’s in for a cosmic adventure?