Charlotte de Witte has a new EP out titled Rave On Time consisting of four tracks on her KNTXT label. These four techno productions once again take her love for acid techno to new heights. This compilation follows the success of ‘Return To Nowhere‘.

Into The EP

Powerful drum patterns stack the anthems with synth-heavy, and bone-chilling sounds worthy of the next festival. Three words have never rung truer. Only time will tell but one thing’s for sure, we can right now with Charlotte.

We start off with ‘Rave On Time‘, the EP’s title track and as soon as it starts, you hear the signature rumbling bassline. It makes your heart pound and your bodies shake with the distorted kicks. Once the rattling laster synths enter, your mind goes into another dimension. Listening to those freak vocals make your heads bob and bodies sway. As your feet shuffle, this one brings back the distance memories of raving.

There’s No One Left To Trust‘ pitches the rattling synths a little lower, reminiscent of Pryda’s style. After a few choruses of the unrelenting drum bassline, the drop changes to a new octave and raises the pressure of energy. Those tweaked out synthetic melodies will make you go wild, especially on the dance floor.

The World Inside‘ comes in third and starts off menacing and builds into an eerie echo. Hi-hats and synth come together to propel the song forward. Faint repetitions of the words “The world inside” sound off, while another set of serrated synths and acid techno fry your brain with the melody. Hit us with those laser beams Charlotte.

Common Era‘ showcases air acid-trance-techno all in one. With frothy energy and flashing strobes, this track caps the EP and gives us the perfect ending. Overall, this pristinely produced compilation is the pure, unadulterated club music that we miss and need.

The Belgian stalwart once again delivers magnificent music to us this year. This hard-hitting EP reminds us of the joys while being lost on the dance floor. Her distinctive techno energy keeps us alive while mesmerizing crowds wherever she plays. Laced with ambient and synth beauty, we thank the blessed queen.

Now, go forth and listen below.

Charlotte de Witte – Rave On Time EP