Calvin Harris Calls Out UK Government For Horrible Treatment of Music Industry

Calvin Harris looked very disappointed with the way the UK government is handling the COVID situation in regard to the music industry. The Scottish DJ and record producer called out the UK government for ‘treating music industry like shit.’

The talented producer Calvin Harris recently released a collaboration with The Weeknd named ‘Over Now’. Now, the wealthy artist attacks the UK government using an article from MU5IC BY NUM8ERS as well as in the Instagram post below.

Calvin Harris relies on the information submitted by the English media. Amongst the new data, you can check that the report shares new findings in Music By Numbers 2019 and proclaims the music industry contributed £5.2 billion to the UK economy in 2018. Definitely an important piece of the cake of the total earnings of the year.

Calvin Harris UK government

The music industry is obviously not going through its best moments. A week ago, Audiojack shared an open letter to Beatport’s CEO. Many DJ’s and producers are suffering the consequences of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Calvin Harris highlights the importance of the music industry and its influence on culture.

As usual, the UK government treating music industry like shit; contributes 5bn to the economy, generates massive tax revenues for NHS and other public services…besides that, culture is extremely fucking important…you’ve lost sight of what life is about…you’d rather live in a world of supermarkets and pharmaceutical drugs.

Calvin Harris Receives Support… But Also Hate

Although the producer found a lot of support amongst fellow artists, he also received some hate from the fans. Kaskade, Showtek, Cedric Gervais, and many more supported the viral post, which received over 100,000 likes. On the other hand, many fans criticized that the DJ used a picture from a German nightclub. In addition, Calvin Harris spends a lot of time in LA so people got slightly offended.

Calvin Harris UK government

What do you think about the management of the UK government when addressing the music industry and Calvin Harris’s concerns? Let us know in the comments.