Above & Beyond, Tranquility Base – Oceanic (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

Jerome Isma-Ae is taking Above & Beyond’s euphoric single ‘Oceanic‘ to new heights with his remix. This time, we’re seeing an emotional, progressive side to it.

You get the original melody and buildups, with a more downtempo rhythm. The vibe is more chill and makes A&B’s original sound a dreamscape. We loved the original and the electro feels it brought us. It’s been 13 years since it came out and Jerome is all about revamping the old.

The German producer/DJ produces some of the most unique and distinguished progressive sounds no doubt. He combines influences of trance and techno and his tension building progressions always make for a good time on the dance floor.

He embeds his signature sound in his remixes, taking you on a long journey through some chilled out trance. You wouldn’t think that he also gains inspiration from various other genres like rock, metal, house, drum & bass, and classical music. But this is where his craft lies.

As he is under the wing of Armada Music and owner of a long time running label Jee-Productions, we’re seeing him everywhere. With over two decades of experience, he is a constant feature in Beatport’s progressive house and trance charts. The influx of remixes we get from him constantly is catapulting his career into newer years.

We are hopeful for a return of festival season next year, which means The High Tech Child could be on the roster. And for that, we look forward to dancing together again. You never know what you’ll get with Jerome, as he is constantly experimenting with new sounds and styles.

What is guaranteed is fun, power, uniqueness, and sharp production straight shooting into your ears. Take a listen to his remix of ‘Oceanic’ below and let us know what you think!

Above & Beyond, Tranquility Base – Oceanic (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)