ZABO – Phoenix (feat. TINYKVT)

It’s been a long year for ZABO. His last in-person performance took place in early 2020 and he hasn’t been able to travel overseas for months. Judging by his socials, the Toronto artist has had a bit of extra time on his hands. Fans have likely noticed some impressive egg flip challenges, his new plant pal Terence, and, most importantly, extended studio sessions that lead to his latest work, “Phoenix”.

After letting a couple months pass since his last release, “Aftermath“, ZABO has finally unleashed one of his quarantine creations. “Phoenix” is a bit of a departure from the producer’s typical sound, as it relies on its euphoric, future bass-inspired elements. TINYKVT‘s vocals shine throughout the track with appropriate lyrics that match the emotion of the song. In the tune’s final moments, ZABO manages to throw listeners one final curveball. You’ll definitely want to stick around for the heavy midtempo finale that we’ve come to love him for.

Give ZABO and TINYKVT’s “Phoenix” a listen down below and be sure to hit that download button if you’re feeling it!