[WATCH] Distant Dancefloors: COVID-19 And The Electronic Music Industry

A new documentary film by Pioneer DJ is coming out. It will showcase just how much the coronavirus has impacted the global electronic music scene. Join industry figures and international artists BLOND:ISHEats EverythingHoney DijonLucianoRebūke in their stories over the last six months. Titled ‘Distant Dancefloors: COVID-19 and the Electronic Music Industry‘, we hope it brings attention to the important authorities it may concern.

This virus transcends among race, class, wealth, fame, and power. No one is exempt from its grasp. Yet we have so many questions. Will streaming remain popular after clubs re-open? Should we take this time to change the industry for the better? What exactly is the impact felt upon thousands of people who depended on the industry? How do you replicate a live experience in a virtual world?

As a community of dance music fans, we used to think that nothing would reach us. One tiny enemy shocked us all. We’ve seen the cancellations of shows and the tumbling of live entertainment’s economy. How is the music industry adapting and how can it come back as an example? Re-openings did us no good, and it’s pushed us back further.

Can you believe it’s already been this long under social distancing? It seems like forever, and we just want to know when things will start to look up.

We have music videos making a comeback this weekend on Facebook, so we can enjoy more than a ten-second clip. New music from our favorite artists will suffice for now as we anxiously wait for the new year. Look’s like the industry really is improvising, adapting, and will be overcoming in the future.

There will be brighter times ahead. This period is a time of creativity, patience, and virtue. If we can survive this, we can survive anything.

Watch the documentary film below and let us know what you think.