Nicky Romero Unexpectedly Tests Positive For COVID-19

DJ-producer Nicky Romero has tested positive for COVID-19. Scheduled to perform at two gigs in the next few weeks, the dance music star took a test to make sure he didn’t have the virus before entering a room with 120 people.

The well-known EDM artist recently spoke with Dutch publication AD News about his experience with the virus. According to the interview, he didn’t notice any of his symptoms until he got his test results.

“I feel fine. I don’t cough, I don’t sneeze. Last week I still wakeboarded and played sports.” The music artist continues, “When I came to a country where it is very hot and there is a lot of air conditioning, I quickly got problems with my cavities. Now with the heatwave in the Netherlands, the air conditioners are also on maximum here. So I thought: there we have it again. But my cheese sandwich tasted less good because of the problems with smelling and tasting, so I thought: let me test anyway.”

Originally, Nicky Romero had plans to test for the virus once the gigs took place. However, the music artist decided to test prior to the events so he can help ensure a safe environment for fans. Surely, he made the right decision. “I was supposed to provide two shows for 120 people on Friday. In consultation with the organization, I have decided to err on the side of caution. And so you see: you can carry the virus with you even without severe complaints.” 

Although Nicky Romero is currently feeling fine, he is quarantining in the safety of his own home. During this time, he will be focusing on creating new music for his fans.

Source: DJMag, AD News