Nicky Romero Gives ‘Toulouse’ a Makeover with 2020 Edit

Nicky Romero brings ‘Toulouse’ back to life with a 2020 edit. The 2012 hit jumpstarted the Dutch DJ’s music career, and remains a festival classic.

In a collaboration with Spinnin’ Records, Nicky Romero reworked ‘Toulouse,’ giving it a modern feel while still staying true to the original sound. The new version is a bit more fast paced and hard-hitting, but doesn’t stray too far from the 2012 version.

This is one of the “most important songs” created in Nicky Romero’s career. The 2020 revamp is ultimately a testament to just how impactful and well-received ‘Toulouse’ really is.

Decide which version of ‘Toulouse’ you like best! You can listen to the 2012 edit here. The 2020 edit is down below.