Building on the collaborative body of work which they released in 2019, Excision and Wooli put together the Evolution EP: The Remixes. In this package, the artists compiled eight remixes from producers that cover a wide array of sounds and styles within bass music. In this case, each track off the EP received two remixes. Time and time again, Excision finds a way to bring together both established and emerging artists.

On Evolution: The Remixes, Excision and Wooli call on Kompany, Ray Volpe, Samplifire, MUST DIE!, Hairitage, Hi I’m Ghost, Calcium, and Whales. Throughout, each remix highlights the producers’ dynamic range in terms of what they can output. From the more melodically oriented tracks to the bass-heavy focused ones, there’s a lot to sonically explore. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the producers, this would serve as a great introduction.

It’s always great to see some of the spotlight being given to a wide range of producers since it provides some diversification, all while growing the scene from within.

Listen to the remixes of Excision and Wooli’s Evolution EP below!