Italian techno legend Deborah De Luca has released her second album, She Sleeps, which features 12 fantastic tracks. The album has it all from hard-hitting techno anthem tracks to colorful Asian influenced melodies.

Deborah De Luca continues making moves as one of the most prominent artists in the techno scene. She dominates the scene with impressive performances and fantastic releases of her own as well as those curated by her label Sola_mente.

The album follows the release of several loved singles like ‘Don’t Let Me Go‘ and ‘As Wild As You Wanna Be. Now, the Italian techno queen is back with a stunning release to add to the depth of her growing discography. She Sleeps, her second studio album, features a total of twelve tracks that are diverse and showcase Deborah’s active creativity.

“The album is a manifestation of how I feel and how I see myself: sometimes nervous, sometimes angry, other times docile [and] sometimes even silent. I have put all my emotions together and I have distributed them across this album—all linked together but none the same, all depending on what I was experiencing. A journey.

Deborah de Luca
Deborah De Luca She Sleeps

Techno and Travel Inspiration

Finding inspiration during a trip to the Maldives in January, she worked on techno tracks with the colorful influences from the South Asian island. De Luca explains that the album portrays a combination of her feelings reflected through a set of emotions. The body of work is also tribute to her past sleeping issues. Here’s what she had to say about her album:

“She Sleeps is a tribute to my past problems with sleep, night and darkness – problems I’ve had since I was a child. I’ve always had horrible dreams and adult nightmares, and my relationship with sleeping has been one of love and hate. Then a year ago something changed. I found an unexpected balance that I never imagined I could ever feel…and now, She Sleeps”

Deborah de Luca

From start to finish, this album is a trip to the underground techno realm, something expected considering her love for this style. Each track is carefully selected to make listeners dance inside their rave cave indefinitely.

The opening song ‘As Wild As You Wanna Be’ sets the used tone through the whole album, featuring dark and energetic tones. Deborah says this track inspired her to make an LP instead of an EP. Some other album features include her signature hard-hitting kick style and mesmerizing sound design. Additionally, some of the tracks are calm and soothing to listen to.

Listen to Deborah de Luca’s latest album below and enjoy! The album is also available for download here.