BRONSON Hypes Up New LP With Full Tracklist

BRONSON, the new project between Golden Features and ODESZA, shared the tracklist for their highly anticipated upcoming LP. It includes their previous releases, though our curiosity is peaking as to how the rest will sound.

They shared the news via Instagram. It looks like we’re getting ten tracks along with their last four featuring lau.ra, Gallant, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. We can only imagine what their accompanying music videos for the new singles will be.

Brooding vocals drive ‘Heart Attack‘ into the dark corners of the club. The two distinctive sounds of both artist groups shine through. ‘Vaults‘ contains experimental instrumental sounds that set the tone for the overall sound design and aesthetic of their project.

Keep Moving‘ charts us on a darker course of their creative minds. The plunging bassline and ominous vocals heighten its eerie ambiance. New and exciting, the music video presented a satirical vision of life. ‘Dawn‘ is an emotional, melodic, and chill wave we love to ride on.

Fans already know the album is going to go off hard. Their project’s sound is just the type of new stuff we’ve been looking for. Each track is different from each other and yet they flow together perfectly. Whatever one lacks, the others compensate and fill in the missing mind gaps. We’re excited to continue the journey down this sonic and emotional record.

Tom Stell has come a long way since his start as Golden Features back in 2014. The Australian deep house DJ collaborated with ODESZA previously so this combination just makes sense. He’s got an impressive repertoire of singles, remixes, and mixes.

Both acts connected over FaceTime three years ago and kept in touch to this day. They exchanged numerous files across time and the ocean to give us this project.

The BRONSON LP will be available via Ninja Tune and Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective label. Mark your calendars for August 7!