Trailer Released for New Burning Man Documentary

The trailer for the documentary on Burning Man is now on YouTube. The documentary premiers in August on the 15th and 16th.

The new documentary will follow the launch of ‘Kindling‘, which is Burning Man’s non-profit virtual events platform. The project is called, “Burning Man: Art on Fire“. Check out the trailer down below.

The filming production will be only available on the platform and it will dive into the connection between the arts and the soul of the festival. Gerald Fox is the director, with Sophia Swire producing.

Kindling plans to constantly present digital events with a variety of different experiences. Events are centered around five “actions” that will be presented on-site. They each will be part of a sequence, as follows: Gather, Experience, Play, Co-Learn and Ignite. Kindling also lets you visit the “Multiverse”. The five actions are fueled by virtual performances, talks, and virtual parties.

Burning Man was sadly canceled this year as a result of the pandemic still effecting major events worldwide. The main ticket sale was supposed to happen on the 10th of April, but never did. The documentary comes at a time that will hopefully ease our worries and help fans be patient until next year.

Check out the trailer and share it with your friends, as it seems this Burning Man documentary will be epic.