Tchami Teases ZHU Collaboration On Confessions ‘Interviews’ Premiere

Tchami X ZHU. A match made in heaven. Created by God to remind us how perfect things can be. Last year we had the chance to witness to of the most spiritual producers inside the game come together in one of the best b2bs in the whole year. Now, the pair appears to be ready to grace us with one of the best fusions such a match can come up with. A collaboration. A track which will bring the best of both worlds together.

Tchami b2b Zhu

Tchami B2B ZHU: Spirituality Meets The Underground

First of all. If you haven’t listened to this masterpiece of a set, you can do so here. Last year, ZHU and Tchami came together for one of my favorite and one of the best b2b sets I’ve ever watched. After uploading their set online, people started wondering if a collaboration was on the works. Well, after a couple of months, speculations appear to have hit the mark.

Tchami Debuts Suspected ZHU Collab In New Interviews Series

On the last Friday of June, Tchami uploaded a new series of interviews to his Youtube channel. Titled Confessions Interview, the Youtube series premiered its first chapter on an interview that features house’s favorite priest and French Rapper Vald.

The show, which focuses on Tchami bringing the person being interviewed out of their comfort zone by asking them questions related to different topics has shown some really interesting moments. One of them is for sure the intro and the outro. During these segments, a song is played both times. With both ZHU announcing new songs coming and Tchami working on his new album Year Zero, fans have pointed out this intro theme might be none other than the collaboration between these two.

Right now, we have no further information. Both Tchami and ZHU have had a pretty active year. Hopefully, one of these days we’ll wake up and the announcement’ll be there. Tchami X ZHU. Out now. One can only dream.