Lane 8 & Kidnap Team Up Again on ‘Matcha Mistake’

Quickly following his Summer 2020 Mixtape, Daniel ‘Lane 8’ Goldstein released his second collaboration with Kidnap, ‘Matcha Mistake.’ This track is now available via Daniel’s own imprint, This Never Happened. Previously, they worked together on ‘Aba‘ which was released on Anjunadeep as opposed to TNH. With that in mind, ‘Matcha Mistake’ holds up as unique, eloquently combining both artists’ sounds while pushing the new.

‘Matcha Mistake’ kicks off with an infectious percussive loop sustaining an immense snapping quality. Developing, widening and echoing synth notes begin to carry the melodic heft of the track. Soon-after, all the elements conjoin in a harmonious uniform manner, making sense of each individual element. After all, Lane 8 and Kidnap are quite known for crafting intricate lineations across their progressive soundscape.

Listen to Lane 8 and Kidnap’s second collaboration, ‘Matcha Mistake’ via This Never Happened below!