Kaskade – Arkade Destinations: Living Room

Leave it to Kaskade to elevate any mood, particularly that of this COVID19 quarantine. In this Arkade Destinations: Living Room playlist, experience the best of lo-fi jams with your king.

The compilation features 17 tracks with collaborates such as Lipless, Late Night Alumni, Mr. Tape, and Finnstagram. Other artists to debut their atmospheric soundscapes include Yuck Norris, Lucid Luv, Audiotreats, Blue Noir, Bobby James, LSSA, and much more. Do you ever just need music to put on and tune out while doing work? Kaskade gives us zeitgeist of a world we need right now with these tracks. The energies of each track are chill, bright, and perfect for focusing with.

With this quarantine confinement crippling our souls, we need this, we want this. And now we have this. A chilled-out LP is just what the music doctor ordered. For anyone that needs to take some time to calm down or chill on a rainy day, crank this compilation out. Let’s face it, we can listen to these tracks all day every day if we really wanted to.

This collection follows his previous two: Arkade Destinations Iceland and Destinations: Tulum. A master of his craft, Kaskade brings us the third installment of his Destination series. Aptly named the living room, it captures the downtempo vibes of living. Through his travels around the world and becoming emotionally attached to each location, he continues to perfectly translate each’s spirit and character through sound.

You first went on a summery getaway and then you journeyed through a wintery escape. Now, you enjoy the comforts of your own home and reel in the imaginary wanderlust. What do we think? Album of the year contender? Let us know what you think and we hope this helps you during this time!

Get into the zone with another experiential auditory venture with the Arkade Living Room playlist below.

Kaskade – Arkade Destinations Living Room