Gareth Emery Releases ‘The Lasers’ Album

Gareth Emery is back with his fourth album, fitting for these melancholy times. Get ready for the long-awaited compilation of ‘The Lasers‘. This is filled with a captivating change of sound from the beloved producer.

The Tracks

The ‘Prologue‘ introduces the album in 30 seconds. ‘Welcome To Your Life‘ hits you with acoustic piano at the beginning followed by a scintillating electric bass line. Let the song take you through to the end, it’s a different take on his signature sound. Pay attention to the lyric and sound change, because we’re digging the old school Dirty Vegas vibes.

I Saw Your Face‘ starts off slow, with a melancholy tune. It soon picks up and gives you energy through its percussion. ‘St. Mary’s‘ serves us some RnB vibes accompanied by some tropical percussion. Sprinkled throughout the claps is a smooth, ballad atmosphere. Transitioning next is ‘Little Celebrity’, where it changes gears from slow, love song to drum and bass?! Yes, all your listening, in the beginning, will be worth the surprise drop.

Gunshots‘ is orchestral with a deeper bassline. He adds some audio of sirens to really drive the title home. ‘You’ll Be Ok‘ is the track that exudes Emery’s signature style of sound. With the synth progressions and flow, is it any wonder why you love him? This is a must-listen from its angelic vocals to its melody and tempo. Reminiscent of ‘Saving Light‘ and ‘Concrete Angel‘, when this drops live, all bets are off.

End Of Days‘ is a future bass laced track, and Gareth feels this album is such a milestone for him. To be able to write music about his own life is something special, and we agree. He wrote ‘Elise‘ for his daughter, along with the horrible time when she spent a few weeks in the hospital with pneumonia. We can also hear him avidly speak about this with ‘Way To You‘. You get a guitar, piano, and a triumphant sounding track that may just put you to tears.

The Man Behind The Music

Gareth Emery has been one of dance music’s most exciting musicians, record producers, and DJs for more than a decade. The British-born/LA-based artist rose to fame with his three artist albums: Northern Lights, Drive, and 100 Reasons To Live.

Now, his long-awaited fourth artist album is here and we see an entirely different side to Emery’s production skillset. We see a return to his pre-electronic music band days. Stepping off the standard DJ route, he is proud to use one vocalist and write every song himself.

“In many ways, this feels like my first album,” he states. “It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done.” – Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery – The Lasers Album