DVRKO – Lights Up

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around the latest new, masked, EDM artist (producer and we assume, DJ also) lately who goes by the name, DVRKO (pronounced “DARK-oh”). After dropping his first single – “This Is How” featuring Sarah De Warren – he follows-up quickly with his second single, “Lights Up,” of which we’re a bigger fan.

“Lights Up” features an unnamed male vocalist and the song has a real summertime, festival vibe to it. (And oh man, how we’re longing for the summer festivals this crazy year, but then again, we’ll have to wait for 2021 at the earliest…) Whereas “This Is How” was a more ‘pop’ sounding song, “Lights Up” would be totally at home in a responsibly socially-distanced outdoor music festival where ravers can be basking in the abundant sunshine. That’s the optimistic, anthemic feeling the song conveys. “Lights Up” is bubbly and really optimistic, buoyant even, and it’s out just in time for Independence Day when we’ll all be celebrating the July 4th holiday in much smaller gatherings (or even ‘solo’) depending on what state you live in. “Lights Up” also has a great topline melody and you come away with a feeling that, hey, everything will be alright. A description of “Lights Up” is that it’s a song about perseverance and the song feels, well……hopeful.

We don’t know whether to thank DVRKO or be mad at him for making us miss music festivals so much, but at least “Lights Up” satisfies that craving for hands-in-the-air music (just close your eyes, think back to the last awesome daytime rave you attended, and pretend everything’s gonna be OK!) This DVRKO person sounds unusual in a good way. We can’t wait to see/hear what he has in store for us, next.

DVRKO – Lights Up | Stream/Download

Watch DVRKO featuring Sarah De Warren’s “This Is How” music video, here.