Deadmau5 to Release New VR Project

If you were running out of livestreams to watch, get ready. Canadian producer and DJ, Deadmau5, is releasing his own VR project. The acclaimed DJ is collaborating with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, Upsurge Studios, and Geodesic Games in an exciting new virtual experience.

Deadmau5 posted a super cryptic teaser trailer of the upcoming VR project on Instagram.

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A breed of goat.

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The post features some signature visuals, but an air of mystery and confusion. It ultimately offers very little information besides the title of the project, ‘Codename: #Oberhasli,’ and is simply captioned “a breed of goat.”

At first impression, it might seem like the title offers some clarity, but it actually raises more questions. His caption appears to offer a brief explanation of the project’s title, since an Oberhasli is actually a type of goat. This is both strange and exciting news, but it looks like we’ll have to wait for more of an explanation.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak cancelled many live events. The good news? Virtual events are thriving. Livestreams, virtual raves, and virtual reality projects are the new norm as artists weather out the pandemic.

As we wait it for festivals and events to come back, many artists are turning to virtual spaces. It will never replicate the many amazing components of a live event and of live music, but artists have gotten creative. It’s been a way to stay connected to the community, share music, and offer a second-best alternative.

And now, we can expect Deadmau5 to add his own personal touch to the virtual event scene.