Dave Clarke Asks People to Help Berlin’s Iconic Club Tresor

It is fair to say that the nightlife industry is one of the most devastated ones by the COVID-19 outbreak and its consequent economic crisis. Day after day, a club struggles to keep its doors open or is forced to postpone the full season. On this occasion, Dave Clarke stood up asking support from the techno fans in order to save Berlin’s iconic club Tresor

In a difficult financial situation for many people, it’s always hard to ask for help, but the British DJ Dave Clarke had to stand up for Tresor as the club is going through complicated times. Just days after a legendary Amsterdam nightclub threw in the towel, the call to help Tresor raises alarm.

Dave Clarke Tresor

Techno DJ and producer Dave Clarke shared a Facebook post encouraging fans to support the famous techno club. Tresor is a pioneer techno venue that started its activity back in 1991. As one of his favorite clubs, Dave Clarke tried to help the club sharing a Youtube video. Besides, the British DJ visited a lot Tresor during his career (+20 years). In addition, he considers it is the most important techno institution in Berlin.

How Can I Join Dave Clarke’s Initiative to Help Tresor?

With the hashtag #TresorNeverSleeps, the prestigious club offers many ways of supporting the venue. New merchandise items, classic records, exclusive music, and even special items are available in order to help the club. If you have visited Tresor, or just want to support this iconic club, feel free to join the campaign in this link.

One of my favourite clubs needs your support, the FB algo’s will probably throttle the reach of this post, but please…

Posted by Dave Clarke on Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Like many other venues and cultural organizations around the world, Tresor has remained empty since March this year. We understand that this is a challenging financial time for many, and there are plenty of worthy causes to support. But if you’ve enjoyed your time at Tresor or OHM in the past, please consider buying some goods off this page. Please also add either Berlin/German, European or International shipment together with deliverable orders for the purchase to be complete.

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