Calvin Harris is back! The Scottish DJ and undoubtedly one of the masterminds of our generation returns with a new track under his new alias Love Regenerator. The artist, who’s taken over a whole new sound delivers yet another amazing masterpiece. Harris newest track is titled ‘Live Without Your Love’

Calvin Harris

Love Regenerator is one of, if not the best side projects by a famous artist inside the industry. His distinctive techno sound, bringing in acid and sick elements take over your body in a second and throws it in a vortex of rhythm and psychedelic sounds which number your mind and tangle your senses to a whole new level. Over a series of live streams, Harris has shown us he has the talent to produce any genre he wants, and completely nail it.

Live Without Your Love

Harris 9th track as Love Regenerator is a collaboration between the Scottish producer and American singer Steve Lacy. ‘Live Without Your Love’ gives us Love Regenerator’s classic sound design once more, as it comes together with a set of strong vocals delivered by Lacy. One of the best tracks from Harris’ new alias, ‘Live Without Your Love’ is once again a contagious old-school meets the new sound banger.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Calvin Harris under his main artist project. However, you won’t hear us complain. Here at EDMTunes, we’re all about that Love Regenerator sound. Harri’s new project has us all in awe. Once again, the DJ has clearly outdone himself. We just can’t wait until we’re able to catch Harris behind decks at a club, spinning some disco classics mixed in with his new sound. A sound we all love.

Go stream Calvin Harris Love Regenerator latest song, ‘Live Without Your Love’ featuring Steve Lacy out now!