ATTLAS Returns With ‘The Night Air Was Cool’

Since the release of his debut album, Lavender God, Jeff ‘ATTLAS’ Hartford returns with a new single, ‘The Night Air Was Cool.’ The title might sound familiar, and that’s due to him utilizing the demo mostly based around a piano improvisation. For reference, it was uploaded in late 2018 via his Soundcloud page which you can find here. Moreover, Jeff teamed up with Cyclo again after the album to deliver some more stunning visuals.

On ‘The Night Air Was Cool,’ ATTLAS highlights many of the aspects which make his cinematic writing unique. For starters, the silky and sultry synth brushes paint a bright and comforting picture. The melody inspires a reflective mood in a peaceful landscape, as if by the side of a lake on a chilled starry night. If anything, nature doesn’t escape the track, from the openness of the soothing production to the visuals by cyclo. As we’ve seen before, the visual artist truly captures the essence and spirit of the track. That alone is praise-worthy, but everything surrounding this track speaks for itself as one of Jeff’s best songs to date. That heartfelt melody simply tugs on all the right strings.

Listen to the new track by ATTLAS, ‘The Night Air Was Cool,’ and watch the visualizer by Cyclo below!