Armin Van Buuren’s ‘Relaxed’: Album Review

A majestical anthology of soft-house covers, ‘Relaxed’ by Armin van Buuren feels nostalgic and incredibly beautiful. It’s relaxing like never before, but simultaneously as powerful as ever van Buuren strikes back.

The album centers, from start to finish, on focusing our minds into a deep nostalgia state. Tunes everyone will remember are what this album is all about, and the artist completely nails it. This clearly feels like the ride of a lifetime. A big trend we’re seeing right now focuses on bringing us back to the old days, and ‘Relaxed’ does exactly that. Each artist gives something new to each song while keeping the original’s magic. The album also features killer mixes by the likes KOLIDESCOPES, LEV, Modd, and many others and it is really made to impress.

One track that stuck out to us the most was the orchestral version of ‘This Light In Between Us.’ This one is already a classic, and to be honest, it is really weird that is wasn’t yet on any album. This song is as magical as the original, but add an incredible symphony – definitely one of the best in the album.

Even if you are not that into the originals or you just haven’t heard them, this is the perfect moment to take another dive into these classics brought to new horizons and we assure you that you will love them. Fans of the classics will certainly have an awesome ride while new listeners might get a satisfying surprise.

Armin Van Buuren’s ‘Relaxed’ is just what we all needed in these tough times. Relax yourself to these amazing beats. Dance the quarantine away. Listen to the full album here or stream it below.

Thank you, Armin, we really needed this.