Tchami Releases Astounding 2 Track EP

Tchami Born Again

Tchami – Born Again/ Buenos Aires

Tchami is back at it again. The French DJ released today a new EP containing 2 tracks which will be part of his new album Year Zero. Released on his label Confession, the EP contains his latest two tracks, ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Proud’. Tchami’s new tracks inside this EP are titled ‘Buenos Aires’ and ‘Born Again’

After posting the announcement on Twitter, Tchami comes back to bless the realm of house with two huge new tracks. The first one, ‘Born Again’ is a hard banging house hit. After a drum dominated intro, you’re quickly swooped into a melody and drop that reminds you of some of Tchami’s old track and remixes. An amazing track that will surely get you dancing all over the place, ‘Born Again’ is what every day one Tchami fan wants to hear on his latest album.

Moving on two ‘Buenos Aires’. If you’ve listened to Lady Gaga’s latest album, Chromatica, then you’ll catch Tchami style and his plan for Gaga’s album as soon as you listen to this track. Filled with disco vibes, distorted vocals and on top of it, a very sensual bassline, Buenos Aires sounds a bit more like the new Tchami. That being side, the new Tchami is as good as the old Tchami. Evolving, yet still keeping what makes him good. What makes him, a certified house DON.


Year Zero is coming. We don’t know when. However, we’re ready for it. Tchami is crushing 2020, as an artist on its maximum expression. Collaborating, producing, mixing, he does it all. We can’t wait to listen to his new album, but, while we wait for it, let’s go enjoy this awesome EP!

Tchami – Born Again/ Buenos Aires